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By Matika
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Our goal is to create a publication, exhibition, and lecture series documenting all 562 Tribes in the United States.


My name is Matika Wilbur, I am from the Swinomish and Tulalip Tribe, and I'm a photographer. 

My goal is to unveil the true essence of contemporary Native issues, the beauty of Native culture, the magnitude of tradition, and expose her vitality. Did you know that there are 562* Federally recognized Tribal Nations in the United States?  My goal is to create a publication and exhibition representing  Native people from every tribe. But really, the ultimate goal is education. If you support Project 562, then together we can move a step closer toward abolishing negative stereotypes, honoring tradition, and leaving legacy.

Starting in December of 2012, I will be hitting the road, … I will begin in Washington State, and work my way South through Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, until I have visited all 52 states, all 562 Federally Recognized Tribes in this nation. I will travel in my RV, fully equipped with a photographic studio, darkroom and sleeping quarters.

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hello yahoo - thank you -lenny face
Ryan Mielcarek - Matika, This project is so needed. I plan on doing research/documenting on the housing needs of Native American military veterans. Love to chat sometime and I will spread the word. http://lnkd.in/if85Ad
Judi Lister - Hello, Peshawbestown Michigan has a wonderful museum and a wonderful lady called Sandy, she was so informative, their Pow Wow season is so special, the visual scenery of the regalia was a true delight,,,look forwad to your work and wishing you all the very best and safe travels. Judi Lister
Sarah Potter - Hello Matika,

I was both moved and impressed by your interview on KUOW yesterday morning and would like to send a donation to support your trip. I would however prefer to send a check rather than pay on line. what address should I use.

All the best to you.
George S Ledyard - I think this is a fantastic project. I have made a contribution for this and will help with social networking to let people know about the effort to raise funds.
Ken Kailing - Hi Matika,

My wife Gail and I are very interested in your project. We operate www.goodfoodworld.com You can tell from our mission statement at our site that we are committed to food sovereignty and food justice. Although we have a broad agenda, I'm very interested in reporting more on indigenous cultures and native people's native food. I'm a botanist with a strong interest in ethnic-botany. We'd appreciate anything you can provide us to publish on tribal foods. We are currently publishing articles Prof. Devon Pena (UW Anthropology) provides us. At this point, we can't pay you for articles or photo copies but as a publisher with a common interest (with over 6,000 readers in the two years we've been operating) we can promote your project. Let me know if there is any way we can collaborate--also, generally help you. You can help us by giving us contacts to native food people...

All the best,


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