• San Francisco Two Spirit Pow Wow

    February 4th, 2017 Annual #BAAITS Two-Spirit Powwow in San Francisco

  • Native Americans Are Running 4000 Miles...

    These runners and walkers will cross twelve states, eighteen mountain ranges and touch down in 54 tribal communities to end toxicity.

  • Indigenous Women Rise in Eureka

    Indigenous women from Karuk, Hupa, Yurok, Wiyot, and Tolowa-Diné, march in solidarity with all people from every corner of the earth.

  • Violent Dog Attacks in Standing Rock

    As water defenders stood peaceful protection, contracted DAPL security officers unleashed viscous dogs and pepper spray on unarmed human beings.

  • Project 562 Road Life- Joshua Tree

    We love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, beautiful life as captured yesterday while traveling through Mara (Joshua tree).

  • Project 562: Journey To Alaska

    Filmmaker Deidre Peaches and Matika Wilbur travel to Alaska to paddle to Celebration, 2014.

  • Paddling In Solidarity at Standing Rock

    Nothwest canoes paddle the Missouri River in solidarity with Standing Rock.

  • Native Students Respond To Trump's Election

    Students respond to Trump's Election and the palpable tension on Gonzaga's campus.

  • Project 562 Visits Quechan

  • Project 562 Road Stories: Gobin Family Weavers

    Project 562 heads home for some family bonding with the Gobin Family Weavers.

  • Stop Coal Exports: Protect Cherry Point

    Stop coal exports at Cherry Point- a sacred site known as “xwe’chi’eXen” to the Lummi Nation.

  • Project 562 Road Story: Hawaii, Faming and GMO's

  • Miss Indian Nations

    Miss Indian Nations 20, Shannon Hooper, Paiute Shoshone from Fallon, Nevada explains the significance of the fancy shawl dance for pow wow...

  • Northern Ute Teens on Racism and Media

    Project 562 asks group of teenagers at Northern Ute Bear Dance if stereotypes and racism affect their lives.

  • Lovelock: Miss Helen

    Project 562 has a conversation with the last living Northern Lovelock Paiute dialect speaker.

  • Lovelock: Kiddos

    Lovelock Paiute kids sing hand game songs for Project 562.

  • Protecting Pyramid Lake Paiute

    Autumn Harry (Pyramid Lake Paiute) discusses the importance of protecting the water.

  • Indigenous In New York

    We asked New Yorkers to identify the “origin” of our Native models to understand where contemporary Native lives exist in popular consciousness.

  • Project 562 Road Stories: Regis Cook, Onandoga

    A conversation with Regis Cook.

  • Project 562 Road Story: Joanne Shannendoah

    Project 562 had the wonderful opportunity to visit with Joanne Shannendoah: a singer, composer and acoustic guitarist the Oneida Nation.

  • Project 562 Road Stories: Warren Montoya

    A conversation with the incredible artist Warren Montoya from Santa Ana Pueblo.

  • Project 562 Road Stories: Pueblo Bread

    Our favorite Auntie discusses traditional Pueblo bread.

  • Project 562: Duncan Family Hoop Dancing

    Project 562 features World Champion Apache/Arikara/Mandan/Hidatsa hoop dancing family.